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Learning a new language enhances our capacity for linguistic expression. A language other than our native tongue has a different vocabulary. Moreover, many a time a word in another language can hold more nuances than a similar word in our native tongue. A well-known example is Shalom in Hebrew, which means prosperity, peace, calm, wholeness and health. The closest word in English is peace, which does not capture the richness in meaning of the word “Shalom.” In particular, learning Hebrew helps you to survive in Israel, learn the unique culture of the Jews and allows us to have a better understanding the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible).

Learning resources for Hebrew
Effective resources for learning Hebrew

Learning Hebrew with the Dream Team involves time-efficient teaching methods that can make you competent in the Hebrew within the shortest time possible. The teacher, Seth Young, admits that he did not learn Hebrew as a child but honed his Hebrew only when he became a young adult. Seth has experienced what it is like to master Hebrew from the age of a young adult, he has better intimations of what it takes to learn Hebrew as a second or third language while having other commitments. So, if you are picking up Hebrew as a busy young adult, Seth’s teaching techniques are well tailored to busy adult learners, just as he once was an adult learner. Moreover, his partner Gideon Ariel is a bilingual American Israeli competent in both Hebrew and English. Hence, he is very good in interchanging terms and expressions from Hebrew to English and vice-versa, and can effectively connect English speakers with the Hebrew language.

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If you have some similar characteristics or experiences like Seth Young, you may want to choose to learn Hebrew from the Dream Team- Seth Young and Gideon Ariel. Otherwise you can have another option which is learning from


Practicalhebrew.com has native Israeli Hebrew speakers who live in Israel and breathe the language every day. This package focuses not only on mastering the Hebrew language but also grants you deeper insights into the history and mysteries of the Hebrew language. This is evident from bonus gifts such as “7 Things You Never Know About Hebrew” and “The Mystical Aspects of the Hebrew Alphabet.” There is a 60-day money back guarantee for students dissatisfied with the course.


‘Practical Hebrew’ was created as a proven way to understand and speak Hebrew as quickly as possible.

In fact, you could have the basics of Hebrew at your fingertips within the next two hours!

‘Practical Hebrew’ has been created with advanced input from a number of highly qualified Hebrew teachers who are all living in Israel and ‘breathing the language’ every single day!

For the first month, it’s $4.95 while $27 per month subsequently.

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Happy Learning!

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