Healthy Living – Sharing from Ms Lim on suffering from Hyperthyroidism

“The First wealth is Health…”  

by Ralph Waldo Emerson 

If you think wellness is expensive … then try illness” …


Do you agree with these wise quotes about having good health?

It is painful to see family or friends, be they young or old, suffer from pain, disease or chronic ailments.  If you can share with your loved ones and the world some knowledge to help them be healthy, will that be the greatest gift you can give them?

Ms. Lim has shared with us her journey from suffering as a hyperthyroidism patient to a much healthier her.

formerly suffered from hyperthyroidism
Lady recovered well from hyperthyroidism

Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism

I am Ms Lim from Malaysia. I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism by a doctor at the age of 12. He suggested that I should go for an operation. However, the doctor cautioned that despite the operation, the sickness can relapse. Hence I need to take medicine for life.

Poor health and side effect from medication 

Patient suffered from Hyperthyroidism
Patient suffered from Hyperthyroidism

I started taking medicine from 12 years old. At age 26, I was quite sick due to stress from work and other situations. My blood test index/reading relating to my Hyperthyroidism was exceptionally high (418.29) compared with the normal (0.30-5.10). I was prescribed with medication. During the first 3 months of medication, I suffered from medication side effects such as imbalance of ear water, migraine as well as loss of senses.   My knees also had a problem. For fear of having more side effects, I switched to health supplement.

 My dad Introduced Negative Ion products to me

Recalling the past 20 years, I have tried various treatments such as western medication, traditional Chinese medication, various Health care products. But my poor health condition persisted. My health problems remain unsolved until one fine day my dad introduce me to the Negative Ion healthy clothing after he tried and experienced improvement in his health. Initially, I was skeptical about what I heard- just wear the full set of negative ion clothing, use its blanket and products and that will improve my health condition. Thanks to my dad’s persistence and encouragement, I have the opportunity to really understand more about the negative ion health clothing and products and personally experience the marvelous effects on my health!

The Benefits I gained

After 2 years of using and wearing this Nefful negative ion products, my health problem has improved tremendously:

  • I no longer need to take medication everyday.
  • I no longer take any health supplement with every meal. 
  • I no longer need to go for blood test every month.
  • I no longer go for tuina and massage by a therapist.
  • I need not spent so much money on medication and health supplements,

All I did was invest once in my Nefful negative ion

clothing and products.

It’s really a simple, convenient and safe way to healthy living!

Give yourself and your loved ones a chance to be healthy and happy!

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