As parents, we desire our children to be healthy and happy

As parents, we all want the best for our children. Particularly, we desire that they be happy and healthy. If they are sick, what can parents do to help them beside bringing them to doctor?

Complications before seeing doctor

In mid-April 2018, the onset of Kawasaki Disease in the younger twin baby girl named Lillian wreaked havoc in the emotional lives her parents. She was merely 6 months old when on one Sunday night, she was extremely cranky, refusing to consume food during dinner. Nancy, her mother, initially dismissed this as typical teething pains of an infant, but on the following day, she was beset with a high fever. In a state of panic, Nancy measured her temperature. The thermometer reading was a staggering 39.5 degree Celsius, hence Nancy started her on Panadol dosage in order to lower her temperature. They (Lillian’s parents) also continued to monitor her temperature and sponged her continually on the following Monday and Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, her lymph nodes were swollen on one side of her neck. Nancy’s initial impression was that she had developed an ear infection resulting from cleaning her ears with a cotton swab only a few days ago. Noticing unusually red eyes and red lips, she attributed these conditions to heatiness arising from insufficient water intake.

The Pediatrician’s Examination

On Wednesday, they brought her to the paediatrician, who suspected this to be a case of Kawasaki Disease. He explained that up till today, no one has knowledge of the causes of this disease. Three days later, they visited the paediatrician again, and this time, he instructed them to send Lillian to Singapore KK Women and Children’s Hospital immediately to perform tests. Clinical staff performed diagnostic tests to rule out various other viruses or infections that
afflict infants- Chicken Pox,Measles and Pneumococcal.

Symptoms thus Far 

Fortunately, her symptoms were discovered early before exacerbating. If Kawasaki Disease Patients do not obtain the right treatment within 7-10 days, more serious life-threatening coronary heart aneurysms might develop, which will persist to adulthood. As she was being admitted to the hospital, Nancy noticed the multiple symptoms she has experienced, that are typical of Kawasaki Disease. They are: persistent high fever, swollen lymph node on one side of the neck, red eyes, red lips, spots all over her body, loss of appetite, and in the behavioural aspect, lethargy and extreme crankiness. Moreover, her body was becoming thinner and she refused to drink both breast and formula milk.

Using the Nefful Products on Baby

Desperate to see her baby better, she consulted her son’s (older twin) childcare teacher for advice. His teacher introduced her to Nefful products- the negative ion blanket and the negative ion bedsheet to combat the disease. During Lillian’s hospital stay, the healing effect of these products were tapped on through the baby’s direct skin contact with the blanket/bedsheet on a daily basis. She placed the blanket on her head, chest and back and sometimes on top of her clothing when her baby was asleep.

Anxieties over Hospital Stay

On Friday, the fifth day since symptoms started and the second day of her ward stay, clinicians informed her parents that all tests for other diseases turned out negative, and ascertained that the baby suffered from Kawasaki Disease. That same afternoon, clinicians administered IVIG, but Nancy was wary about the possibility of blood contamination and even contracting HIV in this procedure. Clinicians assured her that such risks were minimal. Nancy asked the doctor how long her baby must endure the discomfort of being pierced by needles and sleepless nights. Expressly, she inquired of the doctor the duration of her baby’s stay in the hospital, as she has two other children at home- an older son and the older twin. The doctor replied that babies Lillian’s age is very vulnerable and have low immunity to battle against this disease. As such, the doctor explained that at least two IVIGs and occasionally strong medication to abate her fever, and approximated a stay of 5-7 days. Throughout the baby’s stay, Nancy washed the Nefful blanket immediately upon reaching home after hospital visits so that the same blanket can be placed on Lillian during visit on the next day. Nancy also reminded her husband to place the blanket in direct skin contact inside her blouse.

The night of her second day of her hospital stay, her fever started to dip. On day 3 (Saturday), her fever fully subsided, and in the afternoon, her IV drips were removed. Nancy was surprised at the speed and extent of Lillian’s recovery, given the doctor’s dire prognosis. She was eventually discharged on Sunday. It was then that she believed that there was something special and amazing about the negative ion blanket and bedsheet that lowered Lillian’s fever and boosted her immunity. However, even though she was discharged, she had to take a daily dose of aspirin till her heart scans yield positive results.

After staying 3 days at the hospital, she was discharged. Her first follow-up heart scan was 17 days from the first appearance of symptoms. The scan showed inconclusive results. For hope of better health outcomes, upon arriving home, Nancy wrapped Lillian in the Nefful stole for long hours each day. In addition, Lillian wore Nefful wrist bands on her claves, and was covered with the negative ion blanket which generates the greatest amount negative static electricity among all Nefful products.

A Healthy Heart and a Healthy Beginning

3 months from the start of symptoms, Lillian underwent a heart scan. The doctor told Nancy that Lillian’s heart looked amazing and gave her the green light to stop her daily dose of aspirin. In such a short span of 3 months, her condition improved so much that she passed her heart scan with flying colours. She is deeply thankful to Nefful for such an amazing product that has given her 10 months old baby girl a healthy start to life.

A happy and healthy baby
A happy and healthy baby

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