Are Gift Cards Favorable Gifts?

According to the National Retail Federation Gift Card Spending Survey (2015), close to 60 per cent of respondents would rather have gift cards than other presents. Gift cards are desired during the holidays. The percentage of people in the US who either purchase or receive a gift card in 2015 had reached 93%, and numerous people among those asked said they even
bought or receive 7 gift cards annually. In 2015, gift cards even ranked the first position for the most favorable present during holidays.What made Gift cards* so popular?

The following benefits of buying gift cards should not be overlooked:

1) Gift cards enable the giver and the recipients to fulfill their desires

When you’re giving a gift, you want it to be something the recipient will appreciate, instead of guessing what the people on your list want as gift. Giving them gift cards will enable them to get something you know they’ll use!

More than 50% of the NRF survey respondents viewed gift cards as the most favorable present as they could buy their own desired gifts.

2) Gifts cards are less likely to be wasted

Since gift cards can go towards exact desired purchases, it’s highly unlikely to go to waste.

3) They are great for online shopping

Every year, increasing numbers of people do their shopping online. From books to clothes, designer bags, shoes and electronic items, if it can be sold, it’s probably being sold online. Gift cards embrace such trend.

4) You could better manage your budget for gifts

During the holidays, it can be easy to lose track of your budget, especially if you have multiple people to buy for. The advantage of purchasing gift cards is that they can be bought in set denominations. There’s no temptation to overspend, and if you’re on a budget, they can help ensure you purchase for everyone on your list without coming up short at the very end.

You get Discounts on Gift Cards. It means more for less.

5) Saves time and it’s convenient

Time saving and ease of purchase is another benefit NRF survey participants have Indicated as benefit of buying gift cards.

Are there different categories of Gift Cards from different Platforms to meet different clients’ needs?

Absolutely, nowadays, there are different categories of Gift certificates and Gift cards from different platforms:

  • Amazon Gift Cards have great designs for every occasion. Customers can write down their personal wishes for their loved ones.
  • Amazon also sell gift cards which could load songs from Amazon MP3. This type of card can also be purchased online. The amount of prepaid credit ranges from $10 – $2000.
  • WalMart Gift Cards (Physical and Online)
  • WalMart offers a range of different types of gift cards to suit different  occasions. The online gift card option is particularly useful for  immediate delivery via email. Once received, the recipient can start  shopping for music (or anything else for that matter) on Wal-Mart’s   website. These include e-gift cards and Specialty cards- iTunes gift   cards.WalMart gift cards can be purchased from $10-1000.
  • NFL online Gift certificates will arrive via email within hours of your order and Gift cards will arrive at the door via mail. of $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, $500.
  • You can use their NFL Gifts cards and Gift certificates to purchase        their exclusive bestselling sports gears, jerseys and jackets from a          huge selection of NFL gear from top quality brands.
  • Besides NFL, Champs Sports gift cards can used to purchase their sports’ Gears, sports shoes and more
  • Mainline Menswear Gift cards for Men’s fashion wear and Girl Meets Dress Ltd gift cards to buy Ladies’ dresses and handbags
  • Gardener’s Supply Company sell gift cards which you can buy gardening tools where need arises.
  • Travel and Transportation Gift Cards have also become more popular. You can purchase Changi Gift Card from Singapore Changi Airport for Travelling. $20 to $990, in denominations of $10. The gift card has a validity period of 12 months upon activation. This Gift cards are fantastic gifts for newlywed couples.
  • Gift cards for Grab ($5- $20) and Uber can be purchased on line.
  • Microsoft gift cards could be used to purchase products from a large numbers of Electronic items.

Since Gift cards are favorable Gifts which are made affordable according to your planned budget, you are encouraged to buy Gift cards which best suit you and your recipients.

They are also wonderful promotion offer during  festive period, so hope you seize  precious opportunity! …

What to look out for when buying the Gift Cards at different platforms?

Before purchasing the Gift cards from different platforms, it is crucial to understand their product features such as the dates of validation, can it be refunded and other product features to ensure they meet your requirement.

Note: For discussion purpose, here gift cards include digital gift cards, e-credit cards, gift vouchers and gift certificates etc

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