About Humble Me

My name is Avery and my three children’s names all start with an “A” too. In our country we always attempt to achieve “A” in the things we do, except me… whose achievements are far from the “A” standard expected. I solely survive by the mercy and grace of my Lord!

Why do I write those blog posts?


I love reading. It is an awesome pastime which enriches our life, and broadens our perspectives and horizons. This reading habit started when I was a young primary (elementary) school student. I read story books which I borrowed from a teacher’s mini-library from school, were given by teachers, or exchanged with peers. Coming from a poor family, this was the most economical pastime that did not incur monetary cost, and I was mesmerized by another world, escaping from harsh reality. During the school holidays, I worked in a factory to pay for school textbooks, stationery and school fees. I dared not expect gifts and extra money for other pastimes. Those days taught me to be diligent and thrift.  

Health is the First Wealth 

Ten years ago, one midnight between 3 and 4am, I was awakened by a phone call. There will always be bad news if a phone rings in pre-dawn hours. I was fearful, not knowing what to expect. True enough, I was informed that the police have identified a male in his forties who had a heart attack and died a sudden death. He was found unconscious alone after exercise.

I was overwhelmed by deep pain and guilt. It took a long time for me to accept the fact that all of a sudden, my beloved brother is no longer in this world. Certainly, this deeply saddened my aging parents. It caused my father to suffer from depression and sudden loss of his hearing. Now, I wish I had known my late brother’s condition earlier; I wish I could have done more to help or to care for him to prevent this tragedy from happening.

Three years ago, I got to know the negative ion products which has helped many cancer patients, stroke patients and patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions to regain their health. I wish I had earlier known such health products with no side effect to share with my late brother. Who knows, had he used the product, he might have had greater health, and circumvented an early sudden death. Perhaps he could have had more time together with my parents. Reflecting on this experience, I now share information and knowledge with others about Negative Ion products and their impact and benefits on our health.

I wish we have abundance and a good relationship in marriage

I wish we can have a wealthy life, with no need to worry about finances. I wish we can have a healthy life as we prevent sickness from devouring our quality of life.

I love reading a variety of materials and sharing what I have read and experienced with others. These include techniques to build an online business with Wealthy Affiliate, Health business on Negative Ion clothing, sharing of testimonies on the use of negative ion clothing to improve their health after suffering from different diseases, and wisdom on working to improving relationships, so as to lead happy and healthy lives. Summarily I read to increase knowledge to eliminate ignorance. Remember, knowledge is power.

Currently I am doing some volunteer work which I was previously too busy to undertake.

I hope to build up this online business with the blessing of my Lord and my readers, and to have some income by adding value to bless my readers through the blogs.

I hope people are healthy in spirit, soul and body. Enjoy a Happy living!

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